Seedtonic entertainment was founded in October 2018 by Timothy Mutungi (Tonic). It is a Kenyan brand located at Kitengela and prides in shaping culture through the power of art. Seedtonic targets the youth with an aim of maximizing their talents with a bid to sway them away from drug and drug abuse.

As an organization, we own and operate a broad array of businesses including audio production, video shooting (both music and events), beat making, mixing, mastering among others. Further, we identify and nature artists and songwriters and produce, distribute and promote the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful music events to entertain fans globally.

Music being a universal language we thrive in fostering peace and unity.

The CEO (Tonic)

Timothy Mutungi (Tonic) is a Kenyan based chemical and process engineer, artist, producer, director, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He tirelessly works to improve the art's craft by producing magnificent works of art and most certainly leaves a significant difference on every piece of art he lays his hands on.

Timothy first released his debut album (Africa) on 9th October, 2022 with a total of 11 hits encompassed by a variety of genres including afro, amapiano, and zouk among others.

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He is currently working on a second album that is set to debut early next year. Timothy draws absolute inspiration from nurturing young talent to fruition. In fact, Seedtonic was born from a real-life encounter that challenged him to do better and secure youths' future. The story was told to him by his teacher Mr. Mutuku.








The Inspiration Story Behind Seedtonic

" There was once a young girl in a village called Muthale ,Kitui county, where he(Mr.Mutuku of Matinyani Boys) was a teacher. The girl was a very talented singer all the way from 4th grade to 6th grade; she often moved congregations in her catholic church with her melodious voice. Sadly, doom struck when she fell pregnant at grade 7 and was immediately labelled an outcast. The girl who was once a shinning star to her village people was now avoided like a plague by the same people."

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